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January 8th, 2016:Poem on January 

January 15, 2016: Haiku on Separation

January 22, 2016: Poem on Sleigh Rides

January 29, 2016: Cinquain on Snow Flakes
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December 4th, 2015: Cinquain on December

December 11th, 2015: Haiku on Winter

December 18, 2015:*1/2 Poem on Hot Chocolate

​December 25, 2015: Poem on Christmas + a Christmas present!**

***January 1, 2016: Poem on New Year's Day + Contest

* 1/2 Poems​ are half as many stanzas as my original poems
** A special surprise will be included with this poem, so stay tune!
*** Check "Read More" below

*New Year's Poem Update*

       You know how my poems are updated on 7:30 PM? Well, since New Year's is here, I'm going to do something special. At exactly 12:00 AM, when the ball drops and 2016 begins, my New Years day poem will be updated. When you get to blog and you see my New Year's poem, comment quickly and type in your FIRST NAME ONLY. The first person who comments first gets to choose the first two topics of the month for my poems. So log into your laptop, drink some cider, have some fun, and and a happy New Year to all!
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November 6th, 2015:Poem on November

November 13th, 2015: Cinquain on War

November 20th, 2015:Poem on Family + Haiku on Dinner *(Double Day)

November 23rd, 2015: Due date of the Thank-A-Thon (Go to the "Read More")

November 25th, 2015: Winner of the Thank-A-Thon Poem Posted (Go to the "Read More")

November 27th, 2015: Poem on Thanksgiving

*A double day is a day I write two poems instead of one. They are very rare, so enjoy it! :)


​       Have you ever got that feeling that you haven't shown enough gratitude towards the person you love the most? You want to say it to them, but you feel as if it isn't enough. You want to express your thanks in a way that's over the top. Fortunately, this contest will open your heart and true feelings. The "Thank-A-Thon" is a contest where you enter a poem talking about one special person in your life (relative, best friend, pet, teacher, crush, ANYONE and ANYTHING) who has had a good influenced and that you want to thank for it. Your poem does not have to ryhme, but it should have a poetic, heartwarming vibe to it and fairly descriptive. You can only use the first name of the person in your poem and you must only write your first name. All poems can be entered. The 1st place winner of this contest will have his/her poem posted on the blog so everyone can read and comment. The rest of the contestants will individually recieve a congrats email on what I love about their poems and what they could improve on. If you would like to enter,email to 21weebly@gmail.com and put in your name and the person you are writing about. I wish a good luck to everyone who will enter. I can't wait to see everyone's creativity shine as the competition heats up!
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October 9th, 2015: Poem on Laughter

October 16th, 2015: Poem on Autumn

October 23th, 2015: Poem on October

October 30th, 2015: Poem on Halloween